CM Services

Given the various challenges faced during construction, strong relationships are the foundation for success.  Choosing the right partners is the most critical element in achieving business goals.

The professionals at Conversion Building Group possess the experience, professional networks and skillsets to provide integrated solutions for your project.  The path to successful growth begins with clear reasoning and definition of your goals, followed through with a thorough and detailed plan of action, and accountability for all stakeholders.  There are many components to manage, including time, cost, quality, scope, risk, collaborative partners, process integration and communication.

This foundation of a well-synergized team sets the table for a project that exceeds client expectations.

Consulting Services

A crucial part of any company’s tactical planning is recognizing the difference between needs and wants.  Whether it’s challenging assumptions or determining options not yet considered, the difficult questions need to be asked, answered, and a plan established for implementation.  CBG values efficiency in creating and actualizing hands-on strategies to resource the highest values of each project.

Project Intervention

Recognizing conflicts, stabilizing priorities and re-establishing effective communication are only a few of the concepts that need to be considered during a project reboot.  To solve these issues, CBG provides an accurate analysis of each situation by assessing all the facts at hand, and proposing solutions to move all parties forward towards a finished product.  Wise decisions are the result of good information, timely and prudent analysis, effective implementation of conclusions, and accountability for execution.